Russia 2018: These are the companies that play the World Cup

305 brands will participate in the tournament, totaling 365 agreements, including Coca-Cola, Adidas and New Balance, the latter as a technical sponsor with Costa Rica and Panama.

In five months, the 2018 Soccer World Cup kicks off between June 14 and July 15.

305 brands will participate in the tournament, totaling 365 agreements, among which Coca-Cola stands out as the company with the most number of agreements (14), followed by Adidas (with 12 agreements), which has given rise to new competitor with the entry of New Balance as a technical sponsor with Costa Rica and Panama, according to a study prepared by the CSM consultancy, which analyzes the industries most present in the competition.

Despite the large number of brands, to date, FIFA still does not cover the vacant sponsorships in the category of regional partners from Asia, Africa and the Middle East, North America and South America, and is still looking for three regional partners for Europe (where it has only been signed with the Russian Alfa Capital Markets). There is also room still for a FIFA Partner and a World Cup Sponsor, after the entry on December 20 of the Chinese Mengniu in this category.

Sports equipment

Without a doubt they are the brands with the most advantage in this event, because it is a tournament in which the shirts of the teams look clean of sponsorship.

Adidas is again, after the World Cup in Brazil, the winning brand, with 12 of the 32 participating teams, in addition to the official ball as a FIFA partner and world champion in six of the last 12 editions.

The follow Nike, with 10 selections, among which the favorites Brazil and France. Umbro, champion with the canarinha twice, will be present with Peru and Serbia, as recalled from CSM. Puma will play with Uruguay and Switzerland. But the one that stands out is New Balance, which for the first time will participate in a World Cup, with Costa Rica and Panama.


After the signatures of technical equipment, banking and financial services is the most present sector in the World, with up to 29 agreements, according to the CSM report. Visa as a FIFA partner until 2022 and with exclusivity in the financial sector within the international organization, is also a sponsor of the Mexican national team, with which Citibanamex also plays.

Its main competitor in the market, Mastercard, will only be present as a sponsor of the Brazilian team, also supported by Itau Bank. Mastercard concentrates its sporting efforts on football in the Champions League, a strategy that, as we will see later, follow other brands related to the king sport.

While ING with Belgium, Scotia Bank with Costa Rica, Credit Agricole with France, Novo Banco with Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo or Commerzbank with Germany are other entities present in the World Cup. It is worth mentioning that Spain, the fourth favorite to achieve the World Cup, does not have this category covered.

In total eleven of the 32 national teams have vacancies the space of financial partner.


This year is a particularly relevant industry not so much for its presence (which nevertheless amounts to 23 agreements, according to the data of the consultant), but for its absence among the great sponsors of FIFA, it is the first time in twenty years that the agency does not cover this category.

The company with more strength in this category is Telefónica, with the sponsorship through Movistar of four teams (Spain, Colombia, Mexico and Peru), and BRasil, with Vivo. Germany’s Telekom accompanies its national team, and through its Croatian subsidiary, T-Hrvatsi, to Luca Modric’s team.

Also present are Claro with Argentina’s Leo Messi, Megafon with Russia, Meo with the training shirt of the national team of Cristiano Ronaldo, and Orange with Senegal, among others. Tim and AT & T have been left out as Italy and the USA did not qualify. France, Poland, Serbia, Sweden, Denmark, Uruguay, Australia or Nigeria do not have a sponsor in this category.

Soft drinks

More than half of the participating teams have a sponsor in this category, although Spain is one of the selections in which it is vacant. Coca-Cola drinks almost everything, being the biggest sponsor of Russia 2018, since in addition to FIFA partner sponsors 14 selections. Its main competitor, Pepsi, is only present with Panama and Egypt, but like Mastercard, it is a UEFA partner. They also include Guaraná Antartica (Brazil) and Big Cola (England).


With Qatar as the official FIFA sponsor from 2017 until 2022, CSM highlights that Star Alliance airlines are the most present: with Lufthansa with the German national team, Swiss Air with Switzerland, Asiana Airlines with South Korea, Avianca with Colombia and Costa Rica, and Copa Airlines with Panama.

Of the 14 European teams, only five have airlines. To Lufthansa and SwissAir we must add Air Europa to Spain, Aeroflot to Russia and Icelandair to Iceland. In Africa and the Middle East, only Egypt and Saudi Arabia have signed with an airline. From Asia Pacific are present Qantas (Austrlia), Japan Airlines and the aforementioned Asian

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