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Personal training is growing in the  world. There’s no doubt. But the growing curve that we have today already happened years ago in the Anglo-Saxon world and that is why, in this aspect, they go light years.

We are not telling you that they are better or worse coaches, but the role of managers of their own businesses is very well assumed. Managers that also implement marketing and sales strategies and look for the systems and processes that work best to optimize their business. There the market is greater, without a doubt, and the need to evolve has surely been a consequence. If you read us frequently, you may feel overwhelmed with all the possibilities and strategies that we tell you. For that reason, today we want to bring you a post that can serve as inspiration in your own profession as a coach. We are aware that the market is different, so we want you to stay with the ideas of this post that go with you. Obviously you will not implement everything you read, because it takes time. But if we can get you going with just one idea, it will have been worth it.

We are talking about 10 coaches and fitness professionals who are doing well and we highlight one aspect that can be learned, and a lot. Be in the field that is.

1- Nick Tumminello

Listed in Men’s Health as a “Best of the Best” trainer, Nick Tumminello describes himself on his website as “coach trainer”. Nick is not distinguished precisely by a high specialization in a particular niche. In fact, it is aimed at clients with a spectrum as varied as bodybuilders, athletes or fitness enthusiasts. His own blog gives an account of the wide range of topics he deals with regularly, including in the business and marketing areas. He is also one of the best personal training Sheffield in the world.


At the same time, he professes his high skepticism as a professional value and a permanent questioning of everything that in the world of training can be understood as safe. Thought, scientific, critical and independent. The strong point of Nick is based on a very wide diversification of income sources, both services and products and infoproductos: Books. He has published two: Strength Training for Fat Loss and Building Muscle and Performance DVD and downloadable video courses directed to personal trainers with their “S3 Training Method” Training programs for clients with manual and DVD One-to-one training service for a select group of clients at their Boca Raton club in Florida

2- Andy Morgan

If you follow us, you will see that it is not the first time that Andy Morgan appears on the scene. When we talk about him we are referring to one of the most successful online personal trainers in the fitness sector, around the world. A good example of how impact can be generated worldwide. Through his online platform Ripped Body, Andy communicates using different channels, generating along the way a qualified subscriber list to which he offers a gift of great value. Honestly, if I wanted to, I could sell it. Blog, podcast and the cultivation of potential clients through a group of Facebook and e-mail marketing stand out in their online strategy. The proper use in social networks and different channels, another success. As he says, on his website he transmits his serious and professional image, through e-mail it is more personal and through Instagram he shows his most fun facet. With several written books and other collaborations with characters of the stature of Eric Helms, Andy has a huge variety of knowledge productized in the market, based on all his experience with hundreds of online customers in recent years. Do not talk to everyone equally. We could highlight many strong points of Andy Morgan, but the one we will discuss is not so direct or obvious: his communication strategy, adapted and variable depending on the channel he is using. You can see how he does it in his podcast and in the different interviews, you can analyze the copywriting on his website, or the language and style of writing through his e-mails, posts or social networks. He always shows himself as he is, in essence, but he knows that it is not the same to talk to an online visitor who has just landed on his website and who does not fit into his ideal client profile; than to a current customer of their services, to a subscriber, to someone who has bought one of their books, for example. Your website is written to attract the ideal customer profile that Andy wants to advise, creating, at the same time, authority and seriousness.

3- Nick Mitchell

Considered by Men’s Fitness as one of the world’s leading experts in body composition and recognized by Charles Poliquin as one of the best coaches in Europe.Founder of Ultimate Performance, this British won a great recognition with the transformation case in 15 weeks of Glenn Parker.Specialized in “strength and conditioning”, Nick is recognized for his high technical training and for continually learning from the best. Nick Mitchell has online training services, free and downloadable training plans, as well as an important selection of articles and videos. Without detracting from its network of 11 gyms, in 8 countries on 4 continents, where it applies its patented training method as Ultimate Performance.

4- Jonathan Ross

Jonathan is a clear example of what we call expert by necessity. His father died after having blood clots related to obesity, which led him to suffer a heart attack. He weighed 192 kilos and his mother 167 kilos. After a severe crisis in which Jonathan lost the aspirations he had, it was here that his vocation was born. He started working part-time at a wellness center in the afternoon. But later he made the leap to a 100% race in the fitness sector. He currently has a long career in media appearances and twice won the Coach of the Year award given by ACE (American Council on Exercise).

The strong point of Jonathan is based on his versatile spirit and the differential ways on which his business is based: Expert’s book: Author of the best seller Abs Revealed, published by Human Kinetics. He is an expert in fitness at Discovery Health, where he has his own blog and participates in the television channel, written press and newspapers. He chose his niche by the sum of two factors: family history and the growing trend of obesity. It has a Mentoring service for fitness professionals

He is a renowned speaker.

5-Dean Somerset

Dean is an international speaker and expert in patients with injuries and rehabilitation. He studied physiotherapy and after 3 years of career he realized that he wanted to become a personal trainer, specializing in clients with some type of pathology or with a picture of injury. That is why a good part of them are referred by doctors.

The relationship is reciprocal and another good part of their clients are referred to these doctors when necessary. So from Dean, we’re left with this. Remember the importance of smart networking and affiliation with other professionals. With how many nutritionists, dieticians, physiotherapists, doctors, coaches, coaches or psychologists are you associated to take you into account if necessary? Weave your own effective network of contacts. And to work.

6- Kayla Itsines

This Australian, at 26 years old already has an empire and a reputation in the world of fitness oriented to the female audience. Kayla’s strength lies in her personal brand, which has inspired and introduced millions of girls around the world into the fitness world. Kayla shows up close in her social networks, shares all the faces of her lifestyle, and asks for feedback from her audience continuously. His photos of the before / after progress are the most famous of Instagram. This is what made his fan count rise like foam. The objective of this strategy has been fulfilled, as it has been a key point in attracting new followers to its programs. To all this we must add a community that brings together Facebook groups of people who follow their program in different countries of the world.

Scale your business through different channels Ebooks: Bikini Body Bundle, Nutrition Guide and Bikini Body Workouts Guide Physical Books: The Bikini Body 28-Day Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Guide Apps: Sweat with Kayla Franchises Online training programs. Line of clothes, accessories and sports supplementation.

7- Stephanie Sanzo

Let’s get to the point with the strongest mom in the networks.

Stephanie’s key is that she has been able to remove the insides of all those women who thought that lifting weights was only for men and that because of being a woman, and mother, should be relegated that care at the end of the list of priorities. In fact, more than “taking care” we talk about a concept that goes beyond. We describe it as being like a very strong brown beast. Hand in hand with this “strength coach”. The emotional connection is Stephanie’s key point. He has built on his personal brand image of the reflection in which his target audience wants to become. A role model in every rule, go. In our opinion, he abuses the promotion of supplements in his Instagram profile, but leaving that aside, we believe that the message he transmits is positive.

8- Eric Cressey

It does not need many presentations. We are talking about one of the most prestigious physical trainers in the Anglo-Saxon world and someone who has contributed enormously in the field of physical conditioning. We could highlight many things about Eric, such as his know-how in the management of his high performance centers and personal training centers.

However, one of the things we liked the most was his way of selling “online training”. Without having a very striking presentation page, the content of it can serve as inspiration. Clear and concise. Here is the translation of the original text: “When you set out to design a training program, the biggest challenge comes with your own – so why not get some help with your own programming? If you compare me with what you see in other types of advice, I am unique in the approach I give to online training. I’m not going to give you programs that are cut by the same pattern. I keep to high standards and limit the number of clients in my charge. These types of programs can work, but are they really optimal? And, most importantly, do they work for everyone? Or, they help the majority by lot, but do not fit for a minority? I firmly believe that my ultimate goal as a coach is to prepare you until you can do it by yourself. With that purpose, I have videos, photos and descriptions for each exercise that I recommend. You will have a month of programming, support, and reports monitoring your progress. We will start working with an exhaustive questionnaire where we will deal with all your training and injury history, your objectives, and your availability to train. We will evaluate postural photos and any video that you can provide me where you do your exercises. Being clear, it is a very exhaustive evaluation. I will provide you with a program where we will discuss different modes of warm up, dynamic mobility / flexibility, soft tissue work, strength, power, muscle mass gains, agility, proprioception, rehabilitation and recovery. Simply, you contribute your effort, and I take care of the rest – no matter how many answers you need to your questions. Basically, you have not only someone to advise you, but also a coach. I could not do it any other way. ”

9- Kate Horney

She graduated in Exercise Physiology, with more than 10 years of experience as a personal trainer, began her entrepreneurial journeys with a blog that revolved around recipes and training for first time moms. That blog was the root of BeyondFit Mom, the brand of Kate that is the most complete system of body fat loss in the world for busy moms, as she herself promotes it. Kate has on her website free resources such as recipes and digital guides, as well as a complete e-commerce with recipe books.

Its strong point, unquestionably, is the fact of having been able to occupy the market of mothers with small children, hardworking and terribly busy, eager to recover their body and health. Kate has developed a wide range of online training programs around this target audience, from free proposals to memberships.

10- Kimberly Doehnert

Fitness expert, coach and founder of Fitness 4 Life Consulting.

Physical trainer for bodybuilding competitions, especially for women in bikini mode. Online training is the fundamental pillar of this coach’s business. It offers personalized training, nutritional plans, coaching for a healthy lifestyle and motivation to reach goals. Its strengths are: Its system of capturing leads for online training is based on a 5-step gift to have the body of a competitive athlete.

It is called as celebrity trainer. Surely you know few.

It has an affiliate program available to those who want to recommend their products and earn a commission.

It has a ‘Media’ section on its website where it is open to participate in podcasts, radio programs, magazines, blogs, etc. Also, take advantage of this section to name all your media appearances to date.

Your next project that will see the light? A membership, or what is the same, a new way to obtain recurring income. As you can see, there is still a lot to learn and implement in Spain. The objective of this post is to motivate you and show you that if you want to be successful with your personal training business, there is still a long way to go and many ways to exploit it.


Second topic



Motivation is an essential part of the success of the training program, having a person by your side who supports you, guides you and motivates you when fatigue takes its toll will keep you training with the illusion of the first day


Many times we fail when we start training without thinking about what we want to achieve with it and how we are going to achieve it. Setting clear, concise, time-bound goals that give us a challenge will make the path to them clearer and we do not stray. The personal trainer can help you look inside yourself for what you want and mark an action plan to achieve it.


Having control parameters to know if the training program is being effective or not and if we are on track to achieve the objectives is essential. Having a trainer that controls your muscle mass,% fat, perimeters, physical tests … to have references and control the process of improving your results


I always say that a personal trainer does not have to be for life, you have to learn from him, to know yourself so that, over time, you can train on your own with safety and effectiveness. “Take advantage” of a professional in the field to learn how to train correctly.


People tend to give a little less than we can when no one controls us, have some eyes on you that demand and squeeze when you can not do more intensity and the requirement of training is greater, so the results will come before .


There are many ways to train, thousands of exercises and every day new scientific proposals on training and improving health. The body is a science and as such is constantly evolving. The personal trainer can provide you with new ideas for your training and show you other ways of approaching it that maybe you did not know and are more in line with your objectives and characteristics.


We all like to see each other and feel good, for it to have a proper diet and a personalized and well structured training is basic. Achieving that improvement in the mirror will be possible if these two premises are met.


Training safely reducing the risk of injury to a minimum is one of the basic objectives. With the supervision of a trainer the safety parameters are better controlled and you will learn the correct technique that increases the performance and reduces the dangers.


Practically everyone has some disease, pathology or injury that characterizes us and that makes us have to pay special attention. A coach that makes a personalized program and adapted to your special characteristics can improve your physical or health problems.


Not only can exercise in the gym, home or outside be some alternatives where you can perform a fun and different training. With the personal trainer you can train anywhere and at any time you can.

Third Topic

What are the advantages of an online personal trainer?

Thanks to the online service we can enjoy without leaving home all the advantages of a personal trainer, who will study our particular case and focus on our needs.

Many people usually attend a gym to reduce that extra weight or to tone and strengthen their muscles, however many people do not feel comfortable and decide to acquire the services of a personal trainer, with which they will effectively receive beneficial results.

Although it is true that personal trainers have as their main objective to fulfill what each of their clients requests, some of them need to perform a series of services that is defined in a quite demanding training, which is accompanied by a feeding plan.

Similarly it is clear that a personal trainer will help us avoid risk situations where we can get to suffer injuries, it can also help in certain specific situations if the client suffers some type of pathology that makes it difficult or needs a certain physical activity.

Why a personal online coach?

The pace of life that we currently lead causes a notable lack of time, this becomes a determining factor for those who want to do physical activity and can not mainly because of the lack of time or because they can not be subject to strict schedules.

This is where the help or service of an online personal trainer becomes definitive, such as the services provided by, a leading company in the sector that has helped more than 2000 clients since 2010 to fulfill all its objectives. without having to submit to exclusive and complicated transfers or schedules.

This company is responsible for establishing a new way to provide personalized online training service based on the needs and requirements of each client, managing flexible hours so that anyone can acquire their plans, which are: weight loss, fitness, bodybuilding , post-pregnancy, competitive examinations, cycling and running.

Its online personal trainer service differs from many others mainly by offering a complete integral plan of nutrition and training along with a daily and totally personalized attention, which defines the key to success that has achieved the humanization of an online service with a maximum personalization of the service and daily attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week of communication with your coach.

In short, it is clear that an online personal trainer allows anyone who needs special programs or who wants to make various plans from home to benefit without having to move from home. If you want to get fit and stay much healthier, be assured that you will find the ideal coach for you.


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