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10 Famous people who made great sacrifices for love

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10 Famous people who made great sacrifices for love

Love is not just about saying beautiful words. True feelings find expression in courageous and extraordinary acts.

In we found some stories of what some celebrities did for love.

The Princess of Japan Mako rejected her title for love

The princess of Japan Mako Akishino accepted the marriage proposal of her boyfriend Kei Komuro. The lovers met while studying at the university and have not separated since. It is rumored that being a student, the boyfriend worked in a cafeteria and on the beach, doing all kinds of jobs.

As the princess’s boyfriend is not of the nobility, by becoming his wife, she will lose her royal title. The decision was easy for her because she has already presented Kei to her family and they approved the choice of the girl.

Footballer Albert Riera fell in love with Russia

Being very young, the footballer Albert Riera met in Palma de Mallorca Yulia, a Russian girl from the Siberian city of Omsk. He liked the Spaniard so much that he courted her all the time that she stayed in his country. By the way, it was not immediately that Yulia knew that Albert was a soccer player.

In just one year he traveled to Russia to meet her parents. Since then he frequents Siberia and fell in love with Russia. For example, he is not afraid of snow or frost, he loves Russian pop music and hockey.

Linda McCartney learned to play the keyboard so as not to leave her husband for a moment

Paul McCartney was the last of the “Beatles” to get married, which disappointed his fans. He loved his wife Linda so much that he did not want to leave her for a minute. But what to do with the tours? The solution came quickly: Paul taught her to play the keyboard and she became an inseparable element of her new band Wings.

Then Linda confessed that “the gossips that claimed that she hardly hit the notes, were absolutely right.” But the goal was achieved: while Wings were together, the McCartneys were not separated for more than a day (not counting the 10 days that Paul went under arrest in Japan).

John Lennon changed his name after the wedding with Yoko Ono

The love story of Yoko Ono and John Lennon is one of the most famous romances of the 20th century. The Japanese woman caught Lennon’s attention for her active lifestyle, and fell in love with her. After the wedding, Lennon added another part to his middle name: Ono, in honor of his beloved wife.

Marilyn Monroe’s second husband was faithful even after his death

The legend of “New York Yankees” Joe DiMaggio was only married to Marilyn Monroe for 9 months. At that time they were not an exemplary couple, but they maintained a good relationship after their divorce. A few years later, they had another approach and even chose the date of their second wedding. But Marilyn died a few days before her.

They say that Marilyn’s flower bouquet began to wither at her first wedding, so she addressed her husband: “Promise me that when I die, you will take live flowers every week to my grave.” And he promised. That fatal night of August 1962, for 20 years, 3 times a week, he sent half a dozen red roses to his grave, and he never spoke publicly of their relationship or remarried.

Grace Kelly sacrificed her actress career to be a queen next to her beloved husband

By the time Grace Kelly met the Prince of Monaco, she already had a successful career in film, working with Hitchcock and the prospect of becoming a world cinema legend.

The wedding with Prince Raniero III of Monaco caused an inevitable change in her plans: being an actress and a princess at the same time was impossible. She made her decision and became one of the cult figures of her time, helped the renaissance of Monaco.

King of England left the throne to be able to live next to his beloved wife

In 1936 after the death of King George V of the United Kingdom, his son Edward VIII inherited the throne. He was madly in love with Wallis Simpson, an English woman without titles of nobility, and he longed to marry her. The government gave the king an ultimatum: the wedding or the throne. With the words: “I did not find possible how to be king without the help and support of the woman I love,” the king abdicated to the crown in favor of his brother George VI. The couple got married and lived happily all their lives.

  1. Scott Fitzgerald made his wife the protagonist of all his novels
  2. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Fitzgerald considered themselves the best and most famous couple of the jazz era. The writer worshiped his wife and did not leave her after he became ill with schizophrenia. He traveled with her across the country, stayed at nearby hospital hotels, carried an exhausting correspondence with the doctors. Francis tried to do everything to help his beloved wife heal, and also made her the prototype of all female characters in his stories and novels.

Niko Pirosmani gave a million red roses to a French singer

Little is known about the French singer Marguerite de Sevres. In 1905 he had a concert tour in Georgia and there he was seen by the painter Niko Pirosmani. He fell in love with Marguerite at first sight. And that’s when he created his painting “Margarita”.

To declare her feelings, she filled the entire floor around her house with red roses. The actress was impressed but only corresponded with a kiss.

Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal in memory of his beloved

After the death of his beloved wife, Shah Jahan decided to immortalize her forever. His love was so strong that he spared neither forces nor resources in building the tomb of his beloved. The best specialists from all over the empire and neighboring countries came together to create a truly unique building in 22 years. Today Taj Mahal is the symbol of great love and a sign of architectural perfection.

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